In our stable at Bärenbachtal we got the nice visit from Federico Padrón and Jan Braren. On the initiative of Katharina Braren, editor of the spanisch Dressage Magazin “Trofeo Doma Classica”, they came to talk to Fritz Stahlecker and did interviews, videos, fotos of our HSH-work. They want to introduce this method in Spain as an alternative to the traditional way of breaking in and riding young horses. We spent two very intensive days and are convinced that this could be the beginning of a very interesting and effectif cooperation for both sides. In a first step, articles in the magazine “Trofeo Doma Classica”, give an introduction to the philosophy and work of Fritz Stahlecker: The introduction (HSH in Spain part 1) followed by detailed description of the first steps on working in hand according to Fritz Stahlecker’s method (part 2, part 3, part 4). We are very happy to have met real horsemen who immediately understood the idea behind HSH and the aim we are heading for – together we stand up for a better life for our horses.