Horse awareness event

The 7th of april the 3rd Horse Awareness Event will take place in 3990 Peer in Belgium, Domain Panhof. Christine Wouters, a student of Fritz Stahlecker, who often spent weeks of training with him at his place will take part in this event presenting HSH with a stand.
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Thank you Chris Hector!

Many years ago, Fritz Stahlecker tried to show what difference it makes starting young horses with the traditional method or starting them with HSH. It was a very interesting project with two groups of young horses at the state stud Marbach, which unfortunately was not brought to a good end. But one day Chris Hector passed by and Fritz was delighted to get to know him and give him an idea of how he was working with the horses – at a very early stage at that time. I am very grateful to him that in these days after Fritz’s death he remembered him. Thank you Chris for the nice article in honour of Fritz Stahlecker!

Fritz Stahlecker is dead

An inventor, artist, painter, visionary man, an idealist and humanist,
a fighter for Albert Schweitzer’s ethics of reverence for life,
a great horse trainer has left this world.

His books, his creative ideas, the formulation of a new animal-friendly ethic and aesthetic,
his tireless and internationally respected commitment to equitation,
nonviolence for the benefit of the horses,
his constant search for the new, the true and the authentic,
but also his modesty, his humor, his wit, his unwavering optimism
will remain unforgotten.

In deep gratitude
Petra Wagenbaur

HSH Center Comfort Curb Bit!!

Tony Uytendaal, wellknown dressagecoach in Australia, is a good friend of Fritz and a fidel suporter of HSH. He makes so much efforts to help to spread the philosophy of Fritz Stahlecker, his HSH method and the new HSH-Center-Curb-Bit. Fnally he managed to get an article in the august/september edition of the splendid australian mazagine “Equestrian life”. We are very proud of the excellent presentation of the new bit developped by Fritz Stahlecker, HSH Center Comfort Curb Bit it is called in Australien, and it is really such a comfort for horse and rider! You can read the article under Equestrian life.

Thank you so much Tony!

and thank you also to Equestrian life, Australia’s Premier Equine Magazine

The wrotten dressage scene

Fritz Stahlecker follows the development in international dressage riding and on a regular basis writes articles in which he takes position. He votes in favour of a less powerful dressage riding, demands more respect towards the horse and remembers that riding is originally and art and not competition sports. Here is one of the rare articles in English that resumes some of his ideas:


A different curb bit designed by Fritz Stahlecker!

HSH-Center-bitFor years Fritz Stahlecker has been working on the development of a new curb bit. Through his riding experience he had come to the conclusion that the traditional curb bit has sever disadvantages and his aim was to creat a bit that functions differently. After years of testing and measuring he has now created a bit that is friendly to the horse, no longer a painful but a sensitive mean of communication between horse and rider. Field studies have surpassed his expectations and reports of riders who tested the bit are convincing. We present you the main features of the bit in the overview HSH-Center-Curb-Bit (patent pending). If you want to help to get the FN licence and participate in testing the bit, you are most welcome. The bit is available under “Products and Prices“.

If you are interested in further details, please contact us.