HSH-Galery – would you like to participate?

We want to offer this place to texts and fotos of our HSH-friends. People interested in HSH might find others practicing HSH perhaps in their near surrounding. We always try give information about HSH-people who are searching contact with others.Would be fun if you send us pictures or stories of your ground work with your horses. This might encourage others to give it a try and to see how far you can get with his method. Also if you have special problems or hints you can always contact as and we will publish interesting information on the website. We are looking forward to hearing from you and getting some material from you.

HSH in Amerika

We make a start in our HSH Galery with our friends James and Yvonne Welz. We are glad about their inspiring and encouraging lines they sent us. With their help we are trying to hopefully get the book “The motivated dressage horse” finally translated and by this more of the philosophy and the unique richness of ideas and experiences of Fritz Stahlecker.
James Welz doing HSH with his 7 year old Zweibrucker mare, Gezebella (Belle). James is a hoof care professional who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. He rides Belle in jumping and cross country, while his wife Yvonne rides Belle in medium level dressage.
James and Yvonne discovered the HSH method in 2010, and only wish they had found out about it sooner! Lifelong riders, they both had lots of riding experience, but not much long reining experience; the excellent HSH equipement made it very easy to learn, and they spent much time studying the DVDs and manual. Their horses seem to enjoy the HSH very much. They have found the HSH method to be so important, they plan to start all their future young horses this way!
Visit James & Yvonn’s website: www.thehorseshoof.com where theiy promote barefoot horses and healthy horse care. They also publish “The Horse’s Hoof Magazine” which is a quarterly English publication available in both print and online, with articles and news about barefoot horses around the world.