Bill Sanders, Ausbilder und Lehrer des barocken Reitstils, beeinflusst von Jean Racinet und Schüler u.a. von Luis Valenca (Portugal), hat die HSH-Ausrüstung getestet und schreibt auf seiner Homepage begeistert:

I wanted to tell al my students and readers about some information and products that will GREATLY help them in the schooling of their horses. Some time ago I heard of a trainer who was working with young horses and schooling them in the classical moves, more importantly to be light in the hands in these moves even prior to backing the horse .I was able to make contact with this trainer’s assistant who speaks English and have now done my homework on the techniques, philosophy and equipment being used . As I personally have all of it. I can tell you Francios Baucher would be proud of this work . But here is the thing it is coming from GERMANY!!! Yes , now understand and I make no bones about it , generally speaking I do not approve , nor use the competitive German methodology , BUT, that is not what I am seeing here . The mans Name is Fritz Stahlecker. Fritz is 82 years young and has developed a system he calls Hand -Saddle -hand Method . Basically he is teaching the horse at three years of age how to carry itself with the correct position , in lightness ,using a system of a special cavasan and a type of long draw rein that is ONLY attached to the cavasan ( The draw rein was actually a French invention , later the Germans attached it to the bit creating all the problems associated with that now ) His Cavasan reminds me a lot of the old Baroque ones seen in the books of Gueriniere etc. and is very thick and padded for the young horse with a unique ring arrangement . The horse using these long reins is basically taken through all the lateral exercises , taught to stop square , even do the pirouette before being ridden . I was VERY glad to see the horse is quickly taken also to the double bridle , although the bits are hardly touched as the horse has learned how to carry himself previously . No heavy bearing on the snaffle here . The work is fantastic and low stress for the horse . Once the horse is ridden at four it already knows the advanced moves and has the correct muscling and MOST importantly is light in the hand with all the work. Fritz has a web site that is just being translated into English , it is He has two very detailed DVD’s part one and two of in hand work which every person training a young horse should purchase and then of course has the full line of very hi quality leather training equipment you will need and is specific for this Buy it all if you are even thinking of training a young horse . Legereete, riding without a strong influence of the hand is what these tapes preach and produce . I have always been a fan of working a horse in hand , to every movement before it is put under saddle , so much tension and fighting is eliminated and here is a system clear and easy to follow and learn from . Fritz is a true master of riding in lightness. Go to the web site now and do yourself and your horse a favor and get started.

Bill Sanders,